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Open Space Commission Minutes 09/14/2018
Town of Old Lyme
Open Space Commission Special Meeting
       Old Lyme Town Hall

Minutes: September 14, 2018

Members Present: Co-Chair Amanda Blair, Co-Chair Bill Dunbar, Secretary Peter Cable, Evan Griswold, Gary Gregory, Greg Futoma, Peter Norris, Bruce Baratz
Members Absent: n/a
Also present: Dave Roberge, OL Fire Marshall & Mike Kiernan, OLLT President


Co-Chair Amanda Blair called the meeting to order at 9:04am and members/guest speakers introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve minutes of July 13 meeting – so moved.

Correction: Sept 8 for next meeting changed to September 14

A motion was made by Amanda Blair for September 5 special meeting. All in favor.

New Business

1.      Dave Roberge, OL Fire Marshall

Began discussion with an inquiry for the need of a safety plan to access trails. Dave questioned how many parcels and inventory are OLOSC. Confirmed there are 4 parcels. OLLT has 14 parcels. Total of 18 parcels. Amanda pointed out that all maps and trails are accessible on the website. Dave referenced what was done in Lyme: an extensive response system including an emergency response book that was developed. The response book included the information given to public at the kiosk at each entry point, as well as access points and how to access (is an ATV required), etc. The goal for the kiosk is to identify location, trail markers and basic information that the public can use to give information to emergency responders. Kiosk design should be the same at all parcels. Also, if a cell phone is used to call 911, there is a starting point to locate the individual. Amanda asked about mechanical vehicles; Dave confirmed there is mutual aid available (Old Saybrook for example). Amanda informed that when asking about the ATV in Old Lyme, it is un-operable. Dave said the approximate expense for an ATV is $12,000. Also, there is the issue of where to store it, where to deploy and how to maintain the ATV. OLOSC to work with Dave to provide trail markings, and all maps are updated on the website. Dave suggested creating a committee to start as a lead point and work with other organizations to collaborate information for emergency management. Dave also mentioned a goal is to get the emergency response plans electronically. Also discussed telecommunication distribution layout – put in paper or pdf form to put into private access to FD, police, etc. Dave confirmed the state police have basic information to trails. Evan asked if there is a charge for rescue. Dave confirmed that donations are appreciated, other charges (ambulance, medical) would be paid through the individual’s insurance. Amanda confirmed OLOSC could put together a notebook for emergency response. Dave suggested the OLOSC reach out to other groups for collaboration. Amanda noted that Roger Tory Peterson had reached out regarding the local trails and was hoping for more utilization of the trails. Dave suggested putting together guides and recommendations for hikers: how to be prepared, what to take with you, etc. Dave also mentioned parking and the need to inform hikers to park safely off to the side of the road. Evan suggested what to expect on the trail, for example wildlife, be included with the kiosk information. Dave suggested it be distributed via public outreach to make the public aware. Suggestion was made for a trail safety checklist and a survey of the trail heads. Amanda said it should be included on the kiosk suggestions “whatever you take in, take out.” Dave suggested to utilize local assets, for example, boy scouts/girl scouts, LYSB, community service. Briefly discussed the potential use of drones, to be discussed at the next meeting. Dave invited back for next meeting to discuss drone usage.

Executive Session

Made a motion at 9:37am to enter Executive Session.
Made a motion to include Mike and Peter.

Made a motion and passed between Evan Griswold and Amanda Blair to work together to negotiate the purchase of future property. Seconded by Bruce.

Other Business

1.      September Trail Walks Update

Amanda said National Public Lands day is September 22, asked Greg to send out a public town notice. Mike Kiernan will also post with the Land Trust. Chris Kitchings from Old Lyme Inn would like a walk September 20 on Champlain North with a happy hour afterwards. Roger Tory Peterson is hosting walks on Thursday October 4 at Champlain Farm North and Thursday October 25 at Ames Family preserve at 8:30am – registration is required.

2.      Vision Box

Peter gave an update – Adam was very pleased. Peter sent an email thanking them.

3.      Webpage Review

Greg has taken over the webpage and updated links and maps. Greg said it needed upkeep and maintenance – it is very important that the owners of the website have access. Greg requested members review the website and let him know of any suggestions or comments on the page. Amanda talked to Dick Gates (land surveyor), Lyme has a program for access to documents. Evan said Don Gerber was Stewardship Chairman and is now retired. Amanda asked if Evan could reach out to see if Greg and Amanda could go there to see it and possibly purchase for OLOSC. Greg mentioned the town has the OLOSC files and they need to organize them in one location.

4.      October Meeting Items

Amanda said Edie Twining will be at the next meeting to talk about Ltn. River. Evan said it is for the current Halls Rd and Old Halls Rd small park by the bridge. Edie will talk for about 15 minutes to discuss what they have in mind for improvements. The location is town owned.


A motion to adjourn was made by Amanda Blair, seconded by Evan Griswold at 11:10am

Sarah Michaelson
Meeting Clerk

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM